v i d e o : stromboli ix 2010

[ 02:30 wednesday 24 august – haggerston hall, london ]

between working on my projects and partying i’ve rather neglected the cycle of processing and uploading photos and films. previously the backlog held fairly steady at three months but now it has swollen to a full year. in a couple of days i’ll be fleeing the frenzies of london and heading south to stromboli for a bit. the impending trip has shamed me into editing my film from last september’s visit to the island.

i already uploaded some pictures from the trip back in april.

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p h o t o s : london v-ix 2010

[ 01:11 tuesday 12 july – haggerston road ]

i’m dreadfully behind with my photographs so here’s a fat burst of fifty-one images from last summer in london. it starts with my final video chat with matteo before his arrival and predictably he turns up in a lot of them as we traverse the city and dress up to debauch ourselves at a variety of parties. there are pictures of my home, haggerston hall, in varying states of dishevelment. hampstead heath is there, the opening party of the london hackspace, arthur on his bike in camden, giuseppe on the roof of a warehouse in hackney wick, leigh anne’s leaving party. it was a rich, exuberant summer.

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p h o t o s : cornwall vii 2010

[ 22:59 friday 27 may – haggerston road ]

last july matteo and i spent four idyllic days with anna and adam in cornwall. we drove down from london late in the afternoon and arrived in the early hours of the morning. i took my first swim of the year on gwithian towans while matteo cartwheeled on its infinite expanse of flat smooth sand. we walked out along the springy turf to the tip of gurnard’s head to watch the sunset. we had a barbecue supper at godrevy point with the stars and waves for company. we explored a fast-flowing stream near treen as it tumbled down the cliffside.

cornwall showed us its most serene face. we were blessed.

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