f o t o s : oslo, december 2012

my very first visit to oslo, accompanied by johan brand, to give a pecha kucha talk on “the social workspace”.  the ice-cloaked fjord, a wedding in the forest, intricately-carved mediaeval buildings, the exquisite new opera house.

p h o t o s : the trampery expands

haggerston road, london

in may 2011 the thirty residents of the first trampery space on dereham place packed everything into boxes and shifted to a brand new purpose-designed site on bevenden street, little more than half a mile away. it was a worthy trampery mixture of smooth organisation and chaos.

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f o t o s : palermo, salina & stromboli – september 2012

twenty-five pictures from a trip to palermo, salina and stromboli in september 2012 with mattia. i was captivated by the hat-making shop in palermo with all its patterns and tools. it had been running in the family since the 1930s but none of the children was interested in taking it on so the two old men were resigned to being the final generation. i arrived on stromboli to find a fire raging above the timpone. don luciano, the island’s priest, kindly allowed me to record a series of improvisations on the ancient organ in the church at san vincenzo. the maintainer had left a note dated august 1917, which was apparently the last time the instrument was serviced.