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f o t o s : london, margate & finchcocks, september-november 2014

bazelgette’s 1860s northern outfall sewer where it crosses the river lee near my house plus a rare glimpse inside his cathedral-like abbey mills pumping station from 1868 complete with huge 1930s control panel; sulaiman with his new camera; gentleman bikers in becton; patrick in his studio; late summer sun at old ford lock; twilight and melancholy in margate; baroque keyboards in paladian splendour at finchcocks (thanks sam).

camera: rolleiflex 6008i
lens: rollei distagon el 1:4 50mm
film: fujichrome provia 400x
scanner: nikon coolscan 8000ed

f o t o s : london, january to april 2013

four months exploring london as winter turns to spring. snowfall at haggerston hall, out and about with mattia, a one-day preview at the site of the trampery old street, the curtain falls at stoke newington international airport, a pilgrimage to robin hood gardens, moving into mother at the trampery.

camera: canon eos 3
lens: canon l-series 1:4 24-105mm
film: fujichrome provia 400x
scanner: nikon coolscan 4000ed

p h o t o s : the trampery expands

haggerston road, london

in may 2011 the thirty residents of the first trampery space on dereham place packed everything into boxes and shifted to a brand new purpose-designed site on bevenden street, little more than half a mile away. it was a worthy trampery mixture of smooth organisation and chaos.

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p h o t o s : london v-ix 2010

[ 01:11 tuesday 12 july – haggerston road ]

i’m dreadfully behind with my photographs so here’s a fat burst of fifty-one images from last summer in london. it starts with my final video chat with matteo before his arrival and predictably he turns up in a lot of them as we traverse the city and dress up to debauch ourselves at a variety of parties. there are pictures of my home, haggerston hall, in varying states of dishevelment. hampstead heath is there, the opening party of the london hackspace, arthur on his bike in camden, giuseppe on the roof of a warehouse in hackney wick, leigh anne’s leaving party. it was a rich, exuberant summer.

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