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f o t o s : jeddah & king abdullah economic city, november 2014

forty-four images from a brief visit to saudi arabia’s red sea coast. the ancient port city of jeddah with its crumbling mud-brick houses, labyrinthine medina, brutalist petrol stations and a freakish rainstorm. then in complete contrast king abdullah economic city; with its surreal fragments of a visionary mega-project to build a new city of a hundred thousand people in the desert, frozen in mid-construction by the global economic crisis. my thanks to fawaz farooqui for his warm hospitality and my admiration for his passion to advance the society in a positive direction.

camera: rolleiflex 6008i
lens: rollei distagon el 1:4 50mm
film: fujichrome provia 400x
scanner: nikon coolscan 8000ed