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v i d e o : t r a p a n i

[ 22:56 monday 16 november – haggerston road, london ]

i’ve compiled a five minute edit of the film i recorded in trapani at the end of september. following the pattern of the previous few clips it consists of a succession of brief snippets keeping strictly to the sequence in which they were recorded and retaining the original audio. the only innovation this time is a few captions to provide contextual details. there’s not much narrative, my aim is simply to capture some vignettes of the trip and convey an impression of the whole.

in retrospect animals feature quite strongly. the beautifully-plumed but ill-mannered blue parakeet which attacked me repeatedly at sergio’s family home. the similarly aggressive crab with which sergio did combat. the prawn which alessandro pretended to eat then miraculously brought back to life (it was fine). the giant cricket sergio and i found ricocheting between houses in confusion. the rat we chased and cornered. in between there are glimpses of the sea, of trapani’s crumbling palaces and of the bizarre weather which mystified people through the whole of september.

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v i d e o : c a r n i v al

[ 21:52 monday 12 october – haggerston road, london ]

i’ve finally edited the film i recorded at the notting hill carnival at the end of august. i spent twelve hours with jan, eric, antonella and martin spanning the parade, sound systems, an illicit steel band session after curfew, revels on the post-carnival streets, a drum circle in tavistock gardens, an after-party at a friend’s house and the slowest bus journey ever back to east london. carnival is the best thing that happens in london.

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s a r d e g n a

[ 02:24 tuesday 25 august – haggerston road, london ]

a couple of weeks ago i made a last-minute escape to sardegna with henry. it’s more than a decade since we last went traveling together so it was high time. we were only there four days but it felt like a couple of weeks. mostly we were far from civilisation scrambling around the rocky coastline, swimming in the clear water, or walking in the interior where few tourists tread.

rather than write about the journey i’ve put together a montage of film clips taken while we were traveling. this is a medium where i still feel like a child with little grasp of grammar or rhythm. but i shall only learn by making things. i welcome any comments.

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s c r u m p i n g

[ 17:39 Friday 21 August – The Trampery, London ]

on wednesday evening sergio and i went out to scrump apples from several burgeoning trees in an islington square. people had already taken all the fruit from the lower branches so we needed a way to reach the higher ones. sergio proposed we should take a ladder but i suggested he use his jumping stilts. this worked a treat and we came home with seven kilograms of delicious crunchy pink-fleshed apples.

i filmed the whole escapade on my new video camera. last night i edited it and uploaded it. apologies for the rampant wind noise. it appears i need to obtain a baffle. i hope you enjoy the clip anyway. may it inspire you to harvest urban fruit!

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