g r e a t w e s t e r n

990223.1521 paddington station , london

your correspondent sits in the middle of the busy concourse , publicly-transported demographics eddying around me .

the penzance train has just been called for boarding . a surge of humanity and baggage towards platform two . in every eye the determination to gain advantage over fellow travellers , to push ahead of those slower or weaker . a carriage nearer the buffet . a seat with a table . a window . nowadays it doesn’t take much to reveal the mean selfishness which prospers beneath welcoming smile and conscienscious word .

your correspondent has a seat , despite his tardiness in the race for preference . inexplicably a lady removes from coach e seat 31 rear-facing as i pass . opportunistic reflexes kick in . a table for the psion . the usual puzzled interest from those milling past , searching for a place as i type .

the train departs on time . these few days in london have been inspiring . i am reconfirmed in my belief that the future must draw both from city and from country . neither root contains all the necessary knowledge .

i was able to see some good friends . in order of appearance : mark ( lascelles ) seb leon imogen caroline bobo joffy luke craig hans will . other liaisons proved impossible , but i shall be back next month .

: cH

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