h o o t e r

990524.2343 bethune road , london

in the kitchen . psion , mobile and sax case on the wooden table . a pint glass of cranberry juice and pink grapefruit . my bright blue corduroy jacket hanging on the door . washing machine spinning frantically . early beethoven on the radio . white marbled tiles on the floor . bright downlights .

london is filthy and inhuman as ever , but it’s marvellous to see old friends . the ostensible reason for the trip was today’s meeting of my action learning set . students on the sse’s main course meet in groups of five or six at the end of each month to talk over problems and generally share notes on the progress of members’ projects .

at the beginning of the year i was sceptical about the value of this element of the course , but it has proven an illuminating and stimulating forum . i’m copying this despatch to everyone in my action learning set , via our email group ( hallo y’all ) .

the reed on my sax finally reached a terminal point of decrepitation this evening . i’ve been using the same one for a month , having run out of spares , so its demise isn’t altogether unexpected . hearing me play the thing over the last few days has been a hideous and escalating torture for my friends . i ordered a new pack of reeds a couple of weeks ago but the shop handily sent ones for a rather different instrument . the replacements should have arrived today … in the islands . i’ve been playing a lot during my time on gugh . really getting a kick out of it actually .

: cH

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