t h e p l u n g e

990708.1616 porthmellon , st mary’s

i finally did it !

waking to an uncomfortably warm tent , i pulled on my shorts , emerged into a fantastically hot day , ripped the tarpaulin off my bike , pedalled down the track to watermill cove and threw myself straight into the clear cool water .

what a start to the day . a few minutes splashing around was enough ( the water temperature is about the same as the lakes in which i swam with kirmo in lapland ) , after which i lay on some rocks to dry off . then i biked back up to the cabin , had my breakfast of grapefruit and lavazza then pedalled down to the shed and began the day’s work feeling refreshed and clear-headed .

yesterday morning i had a curious meeting with some people who run personal development courses on st agnes . i sense there might be some opportunities for the workshop , but i can’t quite see what they are yet . to be honest i find it a little heavy-going to listen to power-business-speak over breakfast . it interferes with my digestion .

: cH

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