r e a l i t y

990721.2243 the workshop , normany farm , st mary’s

i received this mail late last night from larry patterson , a young man in the states previously unknown to me . the despatch i wrote on monday night ( l o c k e m u p ) had been copied to him by a friend in new york . mr patterson’s happy for me send his mail out to you all .

i like your letter is good .. i write letters to the congress people all the time telliing them they are jackasses.. you see charles i have major personality disorder .. iam what they call crazy.. it is my fault as i was’nt wearing my seatbelt during a car crash and also iam a LSD casulity.. i no longer take that crap, but it still effects the mind… so i was locked up last year and sure enough i told them people that locked me up thta i was entittled to be as crazy and wild as i wanted to be and it was not up to them to decide if i was sane or not ,not up to them to force me into the Phyco chemical age.. i feel that this is truly and era of iggnorance the darkest of dark ages.. when man no longer has to suffer but can avoid pain and the harsh reality.. how sad it was for my self being sedated by the drugs that were to make it all better.. so much better is it now to feel the pulse of life surge thru my body.. sad or happy i now thta i am alive and this is the best part of it all.. so maybe i should move to england and wear my nerosis on my selve..
i am an american
i have a cowboy drawl when i talk and once even chewed tabacoo at a baseball game..enclosed is a foto of me i had my picture taken with a unicorn..

i find this pretty humbling . suddenly my own concerns seem abstract and trivial . please , if we are serious about creating a more humane society we must learn to listen to people like mr patterson .

amongst the other communications to arrive yesterday was a note from london transport . a digital camera awaits my collection in their offices on baker street . why do i not feel more surprised ?

: cH

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