t w e n t y – e i g h t

990917.1527 scillonia digital workshop , st mary’s

here i am with mum ( on the right ) and her sister jill from canada . it’s thirteen minutes past five on my birthday . we’re on gwithian towans , a three-mile-long fringe of fine sand around st ives bay on cornwall’s north coast . we’ve just been swimming . the water’s not too cold and there’s just enough surf for bodyboarding .

later on we went out for supper , along with my sister anna , her husband adam and my old friend henry whom i’ve known since we were students together at truro school . i had a plate of lovely plump scallops . sadly dad couldn’t join us because of work .

for the first time email greetings outnumbered paper ones . and a couple of much valued phone calls ( you know who you are ! ) .

thanks everyone . i had a terrific day .

: cH

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