w r a p p i n g

00:40 wednesday 20 october – digital workshop , st mary’s

after sending this message i’ll shut down the systems here in the stable at normandy farm for the last time and start packing everything into boxes .

the maintenance schedule for the lyonesse lady has slipped back and she will be out of action for the rest of the week . but the islands are now bitterly cold and i have decided to remove myself and some essentials to st agnes , on the black swan , tomorrow .

on sunday night , for first time , i felt intolerably cold in my tent . last night i employed my sleeping bag as well as the trusty eiderdown and was comfortable , but enough is enough . right now i sit here wearing two jerseys and my mittens , as i did through those early months on agnes , but the knowledge that there is a warm house waiting for me across the water makes it seem perverse to remain any longer .

and so another chapter closes .

: cH

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