w i n d o w

13:53 friday 11 february – rosevear , st agnes

my belongings went aboard the launch at one o’clock . the sea and wind have subsided but are expected to rise again this evening . the day is stolen from spring , doors and windows standing open in the sunlight , the birdsong , the gentle breeze .

i travel to st mary’s at half past three , spending the night at keith buchanan’s house . tomorrow i plan to make my way to penzance on the freighter .

my studio and bedroom are cleared and hoovered . most of my goodbyes are said . there is time to stuff what remains in my rucksack , return a couple of borrowed items , venture one last time to wingletang .

nick lishman sent me a battery for my camera on the launch . i don’t yet know whether my computer bits were in the mail .

these will probably be my last words from st agnes .

: cH

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