v o l t e

[ 23:20 saturday 13 october – piscita, isola di stromboli ]

one year ago i was catching my first glimpses of the dust and commotion of tamale, northern ghana. two years ago i was living in a tent amongst the elm trees in gaz and button’s garden on st marys, isles of scilly, forming the scillonia digital workshop in a derelict stable. three years ago i was completing my online consultancy work for the decca record company (circus foundation’s first commercial-sector job) and starting work with mark perrett on an identity for the school for social entrepreneurs (circus’ first social-sector job). four years ago i’d completed my first few days of employment at online magic, still uplifted from trekking with kirmo kivela in the expanse and the perpetual light of finnish lapland. five years ago craig, alex and i were collaborating within the electric company, nearing the end of that adventure.

ten years ago i was beginning my second year at st john’s college, returning to the misty ochre of a cambridge autumn already disillusioned by my studies. twenty years ago i was restless and slightly bored at primary school in the mid-west of cornwall, ever more absorbed in my music. thirty years ago i completed my first month of life in an old house surrounded by trees at curdridge, hampshire.

the present. two days ago i reached agreement with paolo russo, stromboli’s windsurfing supremo, to rent one of his houses for the next six months. it’s a traditional eolian structure, three interconnecting white cubes clustered around a courtyard. the house is here in piscita, northernmost part of the settlement, sitting on a black lava promontary with the sea breaking all around. landon and i chose it in preference to several larger and more luxurious dwellings elsewhere on the island.

it won’t be ready for a week. until then we have the run of another house which belongs to paolo’s aunt. it is from here that i write now, surrounded by the mismatched jetsom which gathers in occasionally-habited spaces.

i sense these months will be decisive for me in many ways, not all of which are yet apparent. sometimes i look at my past and it seems disjointed and haphazard. at other times it seems to be a steady elaboration of the same few themes. i have no reason to believe my future will be any different.

landon arrives on tuesday. the next episode begins.

: cH

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