a e g e a n

[ 01:20 saturday 20 august – shipton street, london ]

for several weeks the need to escape has been bubbling up inside me. i’m getting stale. on ferragosto (the fifteenth of august) gabriele phoned to tell me he was going to the island of linosa, a rock in the middle of the sea between sicily and africa, and there was room for me. i leapt at the idea, but after several days hunting in vain for appropriate flights and ships and finding everything booked i admitted defeat.

so yesterday evening i booked a flight to athens. a taxi will arrive to collect me in four hours. i’ve packed my tent, a few clothes, a mosquito net, a couple of books and a great many rolls of film. i plan to go straight from the airport to piraeus and get on whichever ship seems like it’s heading in an interesting direction. santorini and crete seem like strong contenders, but i’ll wait til i get there.

i return at the end of the month.

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