k i t e s u r f e r s

[ 15:14 monday 29 may – hayle towans, cornwall ]

the tide has receded further than i’ve ever seen. these must be some of the biggest spring tides of the year. the departing waters have left the huge expanse of white sand imprinted with a mysterious caligraphy of wrinkles and undulations.

attracted by today’s clear skies, two feet of surf and a steady force five the kite surfers are out in force. i can count twenty of them darting around, leaping high into the air and floating gracefully back down. they’d be easier to count if they’d stayed still.

the wind’s a bit chilly so i’m sheltering amongst  rocks at the base of the cliff. how good to be back here in cornwall where i grew up. good also to spend these days with anna and adam, who are packing up their home in hayle ready to move next weekend.

[ 22:03 tuesday 30 may – great western railway, hayle to london ]

four hours into the six hour journey. the sun set shortly before bristol in a golden blaze.

i feel a tug of emotion every time i pass over brunel’s saltash bridge, the iconic frontier between devon and cornwall. the nature of the emotion depends on my direction.

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