e n r o n : c o n t i n u e d

[ 23:07 thursday 26 october – shipton street, london ]

19,156 people have visited the enron explorer in the two days since my last despatch. nineteen thousand people! when i got home from the airport on tuesday night and turned on my computer i discovered that during the flight cory doctorow had posted my message from vienna onto his popular weblog “boingboing” and several thousand people had already been to the site. since then it’s been mentioned on eighty other weblogs around the world along with some items in traditional media. the financial times had a sweet little piece. the wall street journal’s was somewhat drier. forbes magazine interviewed me yesterday and there’ll be an article in their next issue.

i expect the hubbub will die down over the next couple of days. but this foray has brought us a good deal of attention and appears to have given pleasure to a large number of people. for me and my friends in trampoline it’s been an exciting and slightly surreal couple of days.

: c :

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