v i r g i n i a

[ 21:12 tuesday 7 november – charlottesville, virginia ]

a vietnamese restaurant in an old garage by the railway tracks. there’s me and one other diner. outside the tarmac sparkles in the incessant rain.

i’ve been in washington dc for the last few days, staying with jodie in her flat above the firework explosions of the autumn trees in rock creek park. the congressional elections are today so i was a little sad to leave washington and travel to charlottesville. last night i walked around the white house at midnight. everything was silent and deserted.

charlottesville is home to the university of virginia. students are much in evidence. this afternoon i was stopped by a gaggle of them who wished to know if i had voted. good for them, i thought, and explained that as one of her majesty’s subjects i was sadly ineligible to vote. they smiled, looking a little uncertain.

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