p o t o m a c

[ 14:50 sunday 11 february – washington dc, united states of america ]

a sunny day but bitingly cold. i’m sitting on the bank of the frozen potomac river with my feet resting on the ice. behind me is the gleaming white marble of the jefferson memorial. it took the best part of an hour to work out how to get here by foot from the other side of the river. such is the urban design it feels tantamount to an act of sedition to attempt such a passage without a motor vehicle.

but it was worth the effort. there is still the background roar of the traffic and of aircraft descending to reagan airport. but around me is parkland, dotted with patches of snow, and before me the frozen expanse of the river. i’m well wrapped up with greatcoat and a sheepskin hat covering my ears. the sunlight is warm upon my cheek.

i’m typing on my new mobile, a veritable swiss army knife of electronic wizardry. but the sensation is almost gone from my fingers so i must stop typing and put on my gloves again.

: c :

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