z a r a g o z a

[ 07:22 friday 11 may – hotel oriente, zaragoza, spain ]

i woke up around four and have remained awake since then. i watched the darkness melt into the blue pre-dawn light and the first rays of sunlight pierce the little plaza beneath my window. sometimes when i can’t sleep i feel agitated but today i’m serene, my mind drifting unhurriedly from one thing to the next. in an hour i’ll meet rebecca in the lobby for breakfast.

zaragoza is a beautiful city. spectacular roman, moorish and mediaeval buildings are counterpointed by bold art nouveaux and contemporary structures. it’s large (i’m told the fifth in spain) with an air of ongoing prosperity but there is no pomp or heaviness about it. few people speak english and my lack of spanish is infuriating, but everyone is generous in trying to understand my mash of italian and guesswork. i’ve visited mallorca twice. once with ben and keiran when we stayed in katherine hamnett’s farmhouse in the mountains, then with henry, which was a turning point in my life. but amazingly this is my first time in mainland spain. it makes me want to come back and explore more.

there’s something about being in a mediterranean city that makes me feel immediately at home, some deep foundation to the life and energy that’s become a part of me. there’s also a small edge of sadness, since it reminds me how lacking in delight i find london and how much more alive i feel when i come south. but i’ve long made my peace with that knowledge.

i arrived late on tuesday night for the innovate europe conference. my presentation went well, i met some interesting people, mission accomplished. back to london this afternoon.

: c :

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