f o t o s : ix – x 2007

[ 00:26 tuesday 19 february – haggerston road, london ]

another installment of photos: ninety-four spread across six sets. this is the final batch from the complicated multi-stage journey i made in september-october, followed by october’s quick jaunt to budapest.

: madrid and environs (ix 2007) :
9 photos exploring central madrid and the mountains to the north with andrew and cristina.

: marrakech (ix 2007) :
29 photos of everyday life in marrakech. changing weather, daily cycles of work, tourists in the central market and craftsmen in the backstreets.

: ouarzazate (x 2007) :
7 photos crossing the atlas mountains in torrential rain to last significant town before the desert.

: into the desert (x 2007) :
34 photos driving down the draa valley and into the desert. ancient mud-walled villages, date palm plantations in the oases, finally the parched beauty of the desert itself.

: ceuta, algeciras & gibralter (x 2007) :
5 photos of the colonial muddles on both sides of the straits of gibralter.

: budapest (x 2007) :
10 photos of budapest in the autumn.

: c :

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