f o t o s : xi 2007 – ii 2008

[ 13:26 saturday 14 june – haggerston road, london ]

i got back to london yesterday. unusually, i’m really pleased to be home. last night i went out dancing with jan and martin in jet-lagged frenzy. i woke up ridiculously early this morning so i took the opportunity to upload some photos!

: london (xi 2007 – ii 2008) :
14 photos, mostly of music-making antics in my flat.

: cornwall (xii 2007 – i 2008) :
19 photos from christmas and new year in cornwall with family and friends.

: grandpa & mary (i-ii 2008) :
12 photos of scattering grandpa & mary’s ashes in the wilderness at bushey park, then clearing out their east molesey house.

: c :

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