f o t o s : vii – xi 2008

[ 00:17 tuesday 17 march – haggerston road, london ]

a package containing six hundred and twelve slides arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. gradually i’ve been cataloguing and scanning them. here’s the first batch of seventy-four images.

: england (vii-x 2008) :
13 photos of henley royal regatta, mum and dad’s garden and recording with bbc radio 3 in newcastle.

: cornwall (x 2008) :
18 photos walking the coast in a gale.

: maryland coast (x 2008) :
21 photos of fauna, flora, landscape and light around the beaches and salt marshes.

: paris (xi 2008) :
22 photos of claire’s art show, underground parties and the metro.

: c :

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