f o t o s : berlin / aswan / luxor

[ 01:16 thursday 9 april – haggerston road, london ]

jonathan taps away at his laptop beside the table whilst i patter away on mine atop the piano. in the kitchen one of the strange ayurvedic teas sergio brought back from sri lanka is boiling away. this one consists of tiny curled pieces of peppery-smelling dark brown bark which must be boiled until the liquid reduces to a fifth of its volume. already it’s a thick stinky black soup. previously i inflicted a different one made from stewed wood chippings on adam and tree. their verdicts on the flavour: “basement” and “sauna” respectively.

at the weekend i started transferring all my wanderer despatches going back to 1999 onto a new platform. i’m having to copy and paste each post manually, set the correct date and time and remove blojsom’s maddening markup. i’m up to 2007 so it should soon be ready to unveil.

meanwhile here are eighty-four more pictures from the beginning of this year.

: berlin (xii 2008 – i 2009) :
23 photos from the chaos communications congress and new year with timur and his friends

: luxor (i 2009) :
49 photos of backstreets, village life, the nile and ruins

: aswan (i 2009) :
12 photos of aswan and the enchanting island of abu

: c :

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