f o t o s : i – ii 2009

[ 01:38 tuesday 28 april – haggerston road, london ]

another five sets containing one hundred and twenty four pictures. this brings me up to date with everything i’ve  got scanned. needless to say another shelf of exposed films has accumulated meanwhile, begging to be sent to the lab.

: karnak :

25 photos wandering round the overwhelming temple complex during the afternoon into the twilight when all the tourists were gone.

: valley of the kings :

15 photos biking out from the west bank with ahmed to the collossi of memnon and up and through the edges of the western desert to the valley of the kings. climbing up to the ridge above the valley to be rewarded with amazing views over luxor and the desert.

: california :

36 photos in san diego to collect an award for trampoline, with shemoel and his friends in san francisco, walking with vajra above muir beach and musical experiments at point reyes .

: bil conference :

33 photos of the bil conference in long beach with quinn, asheesh and friends.

: noisebridge :

15 photos at the noisebridge hacker space in san francisco with quinn and shemoel.

: c :

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