f o t o s : stromboli, august 2014

so here they are, the very first images from my rolleiflex 6008i medium format camera taken during ten days on the island of stromboli. out and about in piscita and the rest of the island; at home with paolo and enki; a night on the volcano watching the lava flow and getting covered in ash; gustl’s catcus garden; salvo in his ceramic studio; nerina in her new shop.

these images are dedicated to gusti schuldes who at the time of writing (october 2014) lies silent in a coma. we’re ready for you to come back now gusti.

camera: rolleiflex 6008i
lens: rollei distagon el 1:4 50mm
film: fujichrome provia 400x
scanner: nikon coolscan 8000ed

One thought on “f o t o s : stromboli, august 2014”

  1. Dear Charles, I am Johannes and an old friend of Gusti’s from his childhood days in Vienna. We lived on different floors of our building in the 18th district of V-city and used to hang out quite frequently during our “becoming young men”. I haven’t seen nor heard of him in a very long time and so it comes to me as a complete surprise, a shock quite frankly, to learn of him being in a coma (I looked him up on the net and the reference brought me here). If it is possible for u to contact me telling me about his current health condition I’d highly appreciate it. I am concerned to say the least. Well, I hope this message finds u well and I hope to hearing from you soon.
    sincerely Johannes

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