i n v a s i o n s

990330.1555 kingfisher of st mary’s

just leaving the jetty on agnes on the flood tide , out into the grey lumpy roadstead . i’m off to st mary’s for a couple of days .  tellingly , this is a tripper boat . laid up through the winter and only brought into service during the tourist season . the escalation of visitors over the last week has been quite noticable . mainly people staying on st mary’s and visiting agnes for the day . on such a small island the influx of just ten or twenty people makes a surprisingly large impact . no longer are one’s walks likely to be solitary . on this boat there are nine other passengers , none of them islanders . two bird-watchers with their mighty binoculars . a couple of elderly ladies traveling together , muffled up to the chin against the wind . a middle-aged couple cooing rather sweetly over one another . a dour-countenenced couple and their young , well-behaved , daughter . easter is one of the busiest times of the year , after which there’ll be a hiaitus until june .

a remarkable success last night on the web . as long-term readers will know i’m curious to perform culinary experiments with seaweed . last night i fed the cue < edible seaweed > into alta vista and top of its list of returns was a site devoted to cooking and eating seaweed . i’ll send out the details when i get back to agnes . so , those of you who are planning to visit me : be warned . there are liable to be some strange delicacies in store for you .

: cH

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