u n t i d y

990826.2346 scillonia digital workshop , st mary’s

for the record i should note that i have been through a cycle of intense doubt over the last week , feeling entirely uncertain about my abilities and prospects . perhaps i need to go through this from time to time to clear my head , but it is never a pleasant experience . gaz and button had to put up with me glooming around last night . during these periods i experience both clarity and fear before my customary faith kicks back in , as it happily did today .

the picture shows how my work table looks right now ( or in fact seven minutes before i started writing ) . it doesn’t take long for me to deposit sufficient layers of material to entertain a team of archeologists for several weeks .

this evening’s rehearsal with steve and ben was great , though neighbourly considerations kept me from playing my horn after ten . i tried stuffing some padding up the bell and playing under my coat , but still the thing produced far too much noise . the new song seems to work but i may find myself having to sing it on sunday , a prospect which fills me with dread . nick dropped in towards the end of the session and we walked in the light of a near-full moon out over porth hellick downs to watch the sea shimmering below us . i took a few long exposures . beautiful night .

: cH

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