r e v i s i t

990828.0331 watermill , st mary’s

it’s been an awesome day . i crossed to agnes at tea time to see mike , christine and johann . i also had time for a quick swim off covean , my first for many months . i joined johann in the elvira , the lovely wooden-hulled motor launch built on st mary’s in 1937 for his father , to see the evening’s gig race ( agnes fifth i think ) . then he dropped me off on st mary’s quay amidst the post-race chaos . back up at watermill i took some long exposures in the crisp cold light of a full moon .

i’ve just discovered this snippet in my psion’s draft email folder . i wrote it sitting on the beach by the fire in the early hours of eclipse day . the festivities were in full swing and , er , i forgot all about it .

– + –

990811.0240 tean

an uninhabited island . a beach . two driftwood fires a hundred yards apart . maybe about thirty people . a clutch of boats in the bay . a dozen tents on the foreshore .

i left st mary’s about quarter to nine . an interesting journey . everything’s beautiful .

: cH

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