d e f r a g

11:01 tuesday 30 november – penninnis head , st mary’s

alone on a high rock ledge . around me the massive granite forms . lichen-stained in green , mustard , black . etched by a thousand thousand winters into fantastic curls and spurs . far below me the sea churns and growls a cold restless green .

today the scillonia digital workshop may or may not come into existence .

it occurred to me some time ago that i know quite a number of people who produce interesting material and that i also know quite a number of people who appreciate original work .

so i have set up a simple mechanism to bring them together . an email list : defrag@egroups.com . anyone may submit work by sending it to this address . anyone may join the audience by sending an email to defrag-subscribe@egroups.com . any kind of material may be considered : text , image , animation , interactive content , sound , video . all accepted material will be published unaltered . no file exceeding 200k will be accepted . only original work will be considered . in the first instance i shall act as editor , distributing those pieces i like and rejecting those i do not . i’m not inclined to impose any standards of taste or decency , so delicate souls should be warned .

: cH

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