t i m e l y

01:56 friday 10 december – rosevear , st agnes

well we didn’t manage to found the workshop last tuesday . we tried again this week , but had to postpone it til today . but today the wind was so strong and the sea so lumpy that the boats were cancelled and our foundings frustrated .

i also heard today that the workshop has been granted its first dollop of european monies . £18000 , levered from the £2000 earned doing the website for the isles of scilly initiative . a modest sum , but enough .

this makes it rather urgent that we get the wretched thing founded before i leave the islands for my final week as a student with the sse . which i shall be doing on saturday . so a meeting is fixed for 10:30 that morning in the information technology room of st mary’s secondary school . pray for calm seas .

the last week has been a continuing frenzy of web construction , constitutional tweakings and stationery design . craig dropped down from london for the weekend , a wonderful diversion . the spirit lost an engine on the way over in the steep swell so he was landed by dinghy on covean . i could see the big grin on his chops from ten or fifteen yards .

: cH

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