m o v i n g i n

[ 16:28 friday 26 january – springdale road , stoke newington , london ]

the contracts were signed yesterday evening . the owner , mr islam , still gives every impression of being a delightful fellow . but perhaps a range of psychopathic tendencies will be revealed once our deposit is handed over …

inaki and i will be moving in tomorrow afternoon . our doors will be open to guests from nine in the evening .

the address is :

13 taplow house
palissy street
e2 7ld

for a map look at http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?P2M?P=e27ld&Z=1

for a satellite image

liverpool street station is about twelve minutes by foot .

bring booze , music and (if you are liable to feel like sitting down) a cushion !

looking forward to catching up with everyone who can make it .

: cH

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