i n c a r c e r a t i o n

[ 17:48 friday 23 march – ringford building , north glasgow college , glasgow ]

ummm … i’ve got myself in a bit of a scrape .

i flew up to glasgow on tuesday night to spend a few days filming the six remarkable people involved in the sse’s pilot local programme . this was a mixture of interviews and going out and about .

the final piece was recorded at three this afternoon in the sse headquarters here at north glasgow college . i stayed on and continued with various other bits of work . about twenty minutes ago i was ready to head back into town so i packed up my stuff , locked the room and came downstairs .

somewhat inconveniently , however , there seems to be a steel roller-shutter where the street door was . and all other exits are similarly secured . it seems the building has been closed up for the weekend , with a degree of security becoming to the neighbourhood’s reputation .

now the burglar alarm has started wailing . oh dear .

so here i am , sitting on the floor in the hall with my powerbook on my lap and no means of escape . there’s a coke vending machine the other side of the room so i won’t be short of fluids and sugar if i’m stuck here a day or two .

i’ve called sandra duncan , glasgow co-ordinator for the sse , and explained my predicament . she was kind enough not to laugh whilst i was on the phone . i tried calling the main college office but everyone’s gone home . so sandra’s got onto the police and they’re trying to get hold of someone with a key .

this is all very embarrassing …

: cH

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