f o t o s : v – ix 2007

[ 01:20 tuesday 23 january – haggerston road, london ]

over the next two weeks i’ll be uploading a heap of photographs. my back-log of slides stretched back to last may but i’ve just about got it under control now after weeks of cataloguing, scanning and organising. now i’ve started shrinking a few ready to put them on the web. here’s the first batch of eighty-four pictures. do leave a comment if you see one you like.

: zaragosa (v 2007) :
8 photos from zaragosa in eastern spain

: abruzzo (vii 2007) :
13 photos exploring the mediaeval hill town of penne and treking in the mountains with christian.

: tremiti (vii 2007) :
31 photos on the tremiti islands, off the coast of puglia.

: termoli (viii 2007) :
5 photos from the adriatic port town of termoli.

: london summertime (viii-ix 2007) :
27 photos of biking on hampstead heath, outdoor festivals, notting hill carnival and getting out and about on the backstreets.

: c*

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