f o t o s : viii – ix 2008

[ 23:51 monday 27 january – haggerston road ]

here’s the next installment in my grand photo catch-up. ninety pictures this time, spread across five sets. the first two sets are primarily motivated by nostalgia so you might be wise to skip them and look at the others instead.

: moving office (viii 2007) :
25 photos from the last day in trampoline’s office at aske’s and setting up shop in leonard street.

: moving house (ix 2007) :
17 photos packing up after four years in shipton street, first days in haggerston road.

: cornwall (ix 2007) :
14 photos in cornwall with my family, walking on the cliffs in the rain, playing the piano for viola.

: stromboli (ix 2007) :
16 photos from stromboli catching up with friends, basking under the full moon and modeling for antonio’s new painting.

: napoli (ix 2007) :
18 photos from napoli catching up with friends and wandering around the city.

: c :

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