f o t o s : vii – ix 2008

[ 22:35 thursday 13 november – haggerston road, london ]

for the whole of this week i’ve been confined to barracks with an extraordinarily vicious flu. leaving dalston’s moustache bar at four on sunday morning i was surprised to discover my voice was a couple of octaves below the regular tesitura. thinking nothing of this, i continued to rampage through a surreally ghastly poetry event in stamford hill and bebop night at uncle sam’s on sunday evening. however on monday i woke up to a fever and a complete inability to speak. i still feel grim today but i’m unmistakably on the mend. the most productive thing i’ve managed to do in the last few days is whack another batch of photos on the web.

: london (vii-ix 2008) :
17 photos of friends, parties, music and merriment in what laughably passed as london’s “summer”.

: foo camp 2008 (vii 2008) :
19 photos at tim o’reilly’s techno-futurist retreat under canvas in sebastopol, california.

: california (vii 2008) :
21 photos of seaweed at bodega bay, san francisco and visiting vajra at the zan center in san francisco.

: c :

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