f o t o s : miami, stromboli, blue ridge mountains

[ 01:51 tuesday 18 november – haggerston road, london ]

today i was finally well enough to return to the trampery, still coughing and sniffling a bit but basically myself. over the weekend i was still quite weak but succeeded in enjoying myself judiciously. on saturday evening i went to the cinema in bethnal green with sergio and pradeep. during the last quarter of the film the projectionist got confused (or drunk) and messed up switching reels. the screen went dark, the house lights came up, people started to look round uncertainly. sergio, shameless as ever, pulled out his phone and dialed the number of the box office: “the film has stopped, what the fuck is happening?”. the reply “there is a technical problem” was immediately relayed by sergio to the rest of the audience. he then told everyone they should demand their money back. after several minutes the film started again, made it to the end and people started filing out. sure enough a crowd formed around the box office and the manager gave everyone free tickets for another performance. i doubt people would have demanded recompense without sergio’s prompting, it’s not the english way at all. i love the way sergio stirs things up.

herewith eighty-one more photos.

: miami (vii 2008) :
17 photos of miami in a tropical storm, illicit drum circles on the beach and recording with shemoel.

: stromboli (viii 2008) :
41 photos on stromboli and ginsotra with friends.

: blue ridge mountains (ix 2008) :
23 photos trekking in virginia’s blue ridge mountains with butterflies, snakes and incredible weather; plus forays to the maryland coast and washington dc.

: c :

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